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Cracked Screen!

You dropped your phone one too many times and this time, it didn't survive. If you have insurance you should weigh your options between using it or getting your screen replaced. Depending on your insurance you will be between a $69 - $199 deductible to get the phone replaced. Make sure if you go this route that you have synced your iPhone. For Android make sure you ready move your files over yo your new phone, that you contacts have been saved to your google accounts, your messages have been backed up via a msg backup app and to transfer your mini sd card. On iPhones it is recommended that you just replace the screen as it will be less costly that the $199 deductible you will have to pay. First step, BUY and put on a screen protector unless you already had one on. This will save your fingers from getting cut and scrapped until you are able to get the screen replaced or phone exchanged. Next, get your phone FIXED!


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