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Buying a NEW iPhone/phone.

It's important to understand that when you are purchasing a new phone you are buying it from a salesman. If they work on comission or hourly plus commission they still have incetive to push you in the direction of the phone THEY are most interested in selling. Usually this is because non iPhones pay out more than the iPhone. If you want an iPhone it is important to understand [I use to work for Verizon] that there are phones that are better than the iPhone but will not have the same prestigue or cool factor the iPhone has. If the iPhone is your future you should buy it. When you want an iPhone but allow yourself to purchase any other phone you will never truly be happy w/that phone [even if it is a superior phone] as it is not an iPhone. However, if you are interested in trying out the new note before you settle on an iPhone purchase it from a CORPORATE store as the exchange process will be an easier transaction. What is a CORPORATE store? Check out my future blog.

-Happy hunting


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