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I want to sell my old phone $$$

You just purchased a new phone and you want to sell your old phone. I would be making a disservice if I did not mention that I purchase phones but let's forget about that for the moment. If you are looking the make most from your phone selling on Craigslist is the way to go. However, there are some inherent safety concerns w/that option. Another option is and This option is very safe but you do have to wait for your money and this option pays you the least. Mall kiosk. Have you walked inside you mall lately? If you have you will have seen kiosk that sell and purchase phones. Ala Usell, they will be on the least profitable but unlike Usell you will get your money on the spot. Let us not forget that you can always use your phone when you upgrade or purchase a phone outright to help with the cost. This is a safe way and at times [depending on the promotion] can be very profitable. It's important to understand that the value is based on the condition of the phone, the age of the phone and the demand for the phone.


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