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How to sell on Craigslist

You want to sell your phone on Craigslist, hey, you are looking to make the most you can! If you are willing to risk the inherent risks that come with selling on craigslist you can make the most money. When posting on craigslist it is best that you put a few pictures up so potential customers can see the condition of the phone, place a good description of which carrier, which model and how long you have owened it. Make sure that if you put your number you change it from 123-456-7890 to 123-45-six-7-eight-90. Add some words for numbers to avoid getting online spam from bots. Make sure that whomever you meet is willing to meet at a safe place. I would recommend a Starbucks. Not only is it safe but you can treat yourself to a treat after you get some mula. Last tip, when you are ready to sell make sure erase all data on phone and for iPhone that you all remove your apple id from it or the new owner will not be able to add his to it.

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