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When your phone has an unfortunate accident, be it your fault or best friend, having to have to find the place to fix it can just be arduous task. This is where we step in. At G Repair we come to you. We will meet you at your local Starbucks and fix your phone there. However, if you have more time on your hands you can drop it off to us and we can have it ready that same day.


Our service comes w/a guarantee and we have been in your shoes.



Lead Tech

"I started taking iPhones apart in 2011. In 2012 I started fixing phones while I worked for Verizon. My goal is to make sure you are happy when you get your phone back."  -George



"I listen to my customers and make sure they get what they want. It's my goal to fix your phone the first time."  -Kendrick




"Cockododle doo!"  Soto


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G - Repair

 Cell Phone Repair


Tel: 713-396-0232

Based out of Midtown

8000 Long Point #550784

Houston, TX 77255

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