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I dropped my phone in water!!

So, you dropped your phone water. What should you do? The first and most important step is DO NOT turn on the phone. Doing this will cause more damage. When you turn on your phone you run electricity throughout the phone frying any circuits on the board or other components. Remove the battery [if your phone has a non-removable battery ala iPhone, resist turning it on] and dry it. Next, use compressed air or a drier to try to get water out. If you are handy with tools take the phone apart but be sure to remember how to put it back together and us the compressed air to dry it and then a drier on low setting to finish drying it out. If you are not able to do this then placing the phone in a bowl [w/the charing port facing down] of rice oer 24 hours will be your best bet. Put the phone back together and pray that it works. If, the phone has not been dried correctly over time the phone will start to fail, whether it be your speakers to your screen or your mic. Good luck.



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